Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Alera's Wheelchair Arrived!

YAY! Finally the moment we have waited so long! Alera's wheelchair sent by Yen Liu at her expense from California. Yen!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I have made a video of it, check it out and it would be great if you can join us while I open the box tomorrow noon, my time. Yes, Alera is on livecam tomorrow, come in and chat with us :)

Date : 13 February 2008
Time : 12:00 pm noon ( Malaysia Time )

Url : Living Days Livecam


Nikki said...

This is EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!! I love the way you dragged out the news ;)

Pete said...

Thomas I must commend you on how well edited the video is with transitions and your dialogue.

The compression and the high resolution on the video is great.

Cant wait for tomarrow. Im sure alot of people will be here for the big day.

Nikki said...

Sorry I could not make the opening of the wheelchair, I was on my way to work (it was morning in South Africa).

Angela said...

Oh Thomas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so happy!!!That was my dream since day one!!! God bless the lady that make this dream come true!!!! Yuou go Alera!!!!!!!!!

Hanna Fushihara said...

So exciting!!!

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