Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alera Blood Report 12May2009

Brought Alera to the vet today for drip and antibiotic again. Blood report came out and its confirmed that he has kidney failure infection, the vet said hopefully the meds Azodyl will work on Alera. When we came back, I gave Alera some kitten formula milk, video below. The other video below is how the vet feed Alera Azodyl in capsule form, the meds need to store in cold places ( during transportation too ). Tomorrow we will be going again to vet for drip.

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Anonymous said...

Heart breaking to see Alera like that... hope he feels better soon


Nikki said...

I am a little confused - when he says kidney failure infection, does that mean it is only an infection which is curable and is only a potential threat to kidney failure, or does it mean Alera's kidney's are failing?

Angela said...

Oh Thomas, I am so sad...I am praying that Alera gets better. Please keep us informed!

Anonymous said...

thomas' beloved kitty, Alera, has passed away and thomas is beating himself up over it. he feels really guilty and i think he would really appreciate some support!

Anonymous said...

thomas' beloved kitty, alera, has passed away and he's be extremely upset about it. thomas blames himself for alera's death and is overcome with guilt. please send him your support and condolences. he really needs it right now!

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