Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Alera's Funds Helping Pulau Ketam Dog Rescue

Got this shocking news on my youtube message box few days ago. Below is the exact word from a youtube friend.

Dear Ngo, I just got this on Facebook and I remembered You are from Malaysia and I figured it cant hurt if I show u this:
Hundreds of dogs transported to an uninhabited island to fend for themselvesShare
Today at 2:26am
"Residents of Pulau Ketam, Malaysia came up with this "brilliant" idea to abandon hundreds of dogs on an uninhabited island that has absolutely no food, and left the dogs to fend for themselves. The dogs are eating the carcasses of the ones among them that didn't survive, and they're all dying a slow, painful death ....... (The residents actually transported the dogs there!) It never fails to disgust me how horrible humans can be. I was born in Malaysia so I know how most animals are treated out there, but I'm still shocked at how a human being can simply discard another creature without a second thought." - Val Pavlik PLEASE HELP THIS MAN IF U CAN; I will also give him your Link here... ONE LOVE adembasou

Please anyone out there if you care enough to support Sabrina Yeap and her team, any amount regardless big or small would definitely make a different on the rescue mission. Check their Updates HERE.
Full Story With Photos HERE
Sabrina Furry Friends Farm Blog HERE


Nikki said...

Ngo - the best answer is sterilization. Not dumping dogs on an island to die.

Remember how I told you you should start your own thing? This is it. You should start an organisation which focuses on mass sterilization. One of my best friends here in South Africa started the South African Mass Animal Sterilization Trust on her own and two years later has achieved massive success. Go to or email her (her name is Tamsin) on and speak to her. She will be able to give you invaluable advice and guidance.

I can SO see you doing this.

Zalina Lee said...

Dear Nikki,

There is in fact a group of people who call themselves the Independent Pet Rescuers. They actually pick strays up off the streets, spay them, then take them home until they can be fostered out.

This effort goes quite well hand-in-hand with Furry Friends Farm's effort.

While the IPR are a group of people who are spread out, the FFF is organized and centralized. They take strays off the street and house them, regardless of an adoption or no.

I myself am on the Pulau Ketam Secretariat, as well as a periodic donor to the IPR effort. The method is simple.

You can sponsor a dog or cat (anything from RM50-RM120) and the IPR members will use the money to spay and vaccinate a stray.

If you want to help out either organization (both do NOT kill the animal they pick up), get in touch via their websites.


You can help one, or both. Or, of course, none at all :)

Thomas, if you're of a mind to do something similar, remember: If each person sponsors the spaying of ONE animal, we don't need to wait for the govt or the SPCA to get their thumbs out their asses. We can effect a change by ourselves.

Thanks :)

Nikki said...

Hi Zalina

It is good to know there are efforts out there. I am a trustee of the South African Mass Animal Sterilization Trust and am a firm believer that sterilization will address a lot of animal welfare issues.
Unfortunately (and I am not saying this to undermine the efforts of anyone or any organisation), having only a handful of organisations in countries where the overpopulation of domestic animals have spun out of control. I know, I live in one such country.
The more organisations we have, the more people we get involved, the more we take initiative, the better for the animals.


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