Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alera Urination Problem & Fever 23Sep08

Alera was having difficulty in urinating 2 nights ago. Usually I help him everyday by expressing the bladder but yesterday I couldn't ven squeeze a drop of urine.

Luckily the following morning when I woke up, his bed ( diaper sheet ) was full of urine ( slightly pinkish ).

We went to the vet after that in the afternoon and the doc said he was having infection and mild fever. I hope I am not the one who passed on the fever to him as I was very sick for the last few days, high fever and sore throat. I was given some antibiotic to feed Alera daily and I hope he will be able to get back to normal soon.

*updates 25sep08, 12:50pm* at the time of writing this, he urinated a lot and the whole house start to smell, good for him!


Nikki said...

Poor poppet - I hope he feels better (and you!)

Nikki said...

Wow Ngo, you know what? I have never seen Alera move his back legs!!!

Antonio from Italy said...

I doubt that you can pass some of your ailments on to the cat.
Just like a cat can rarely pass something on you.
But I hope the antibiotics do their job and that Alera can recovery quick!
You are great!

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