Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ultrasound Scan 12 Weeks

We went again to hospital last Sunday for check up and scanning. Baby has grown so fast and now we were able to see the form, tiny legs and hands. He/She was dancing and moving around. in Bee Bee's belly. On our next trip we shall bring our video cam as the doc allowed us to take some footage. The scanning machine actually can produce video clips as well but I think it did not hook up to the hard disc or something. Anyway just to share with all :)

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eewyuck said...

Hi u2-
This is Judy. I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic picture of your miracle. It reminds me of when we were allowed to make a copy of the video of the ultra sound of our second daughter and the first daughter was allowed to squirt on the gel and use the wand for a minute. We were so grateful to have the test that enabled us to know not only the gender but the health of the fetus so that we could be prepared for either sex and whether we needed to have extra staff for a challenged child. I am blessed to say we have two beautiful and healthy children. (I take both credits, thank you!) It looks as though you have such an exciting time ahead of you and I believe you will each be the most excellent parents. Take care!

...the fun has just begun..


lupie said...

It's amazing!

Melissa said...

it's gonna be a =)

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