Friday, September 5, 2008

Visionless Kitty 04Sep2008

Nicholas and Jessie brought the kitty to the vet. So far she is doing great, just some minor flea problem. She has to go back 3 weeks from now for vaccine. Her senses towards lights and movement is improving eventhough she is banging on walls when moving around.

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Angela said...

Oh Thomas....she is adorable....and lucky to find loving parents!!!! Say hello to them for me :)

Antonio from Italy said...

Oh, she's so sweet and helpless!
And you're all so great!
Hope everything will be alright for this poor kitty!

Anonymous said...

i just visited Jessie & Nick, of course the kitten too. It is getting more healthy and playful. The eyesight has improved a lot as it can sense things moving within very near.

from : boon

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Jessie here. The kitten is eating a lot and she's starting to eat raw vegetables!! Everytime I feed my dogs in the kitchen, she actually knew that there are FOOD! And will come mewing here and there begging for her share too! So cute! She likes MOONCAKES... LOL :)

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