Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Alera Testing Out Vegan Cat Food.

I bought Alera some packets of vegan cat kibbles a while ago and never had a chance to try on him. Yesterday I gave him some and he loved it! Amazing. I got them from Veganessentials online store and the 2 brands are Ami Cat Vegan and Evolution Vegan Cat Food. They are expensive as I need to pay some shipping fees to get them shipped to where I stay in Malaysia. In Malaysia there is no single pack of vege cat food unfortunately.


Antonio from Italy said...

Though I'm a vegetarian and love animals, I don't think it's a good idea to feed Alera on veg food... I know the brands you name in the post, they're normally on sale in the shops here around, but many experts say that feeding cats on vegetarian food is not advisable.

Linda said...

I agree with the poster above. Cats really aren't meant to be vegetarians and they need a high amount of meat to survive and to function properly. Especially Alera, who has health problems already.

Bless you for taking care of the less unfortunate.

carieelena said...

I don't know too much about it really. Here in Oregon, US, we have many, many organic health food stores with many organic pet foods. The common idea seems to be that what's the most healthy for pets is to either make your own food with raw meats and vegetables, to avoid all the nasty fillers that are in commercial pet food. Or to buy raw food specifically for dogs/cats:

I definitely know raw food and vegan diets are great for humans, but haven't seen that as the healthy trend that's being put forth for cats and dogs. It is difficult, I imagine, to balance your beliefs with what your pet needs....but if it's not the right food, I guess you have to set your beliefs aside, for you are human and these are animals. But, honestly, I don't know whether vegan food is good for animals, or not. But I assume you did the research? Talked to your vet first? Their health is important to you, so I have faith that you did. :-)

Angela said...

Thomas, did you change your email??

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