Sunday, October 12, 2008

Visionless Kitty Coco 10oct2008

A quick update on the visionless kitty. She finally has a name! Jessie's mom named her Coco, very nice indeed!
The surgery will be carried out only after all vaccination completed which I think around next month. She could sense the motion as you can see in the video.
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carieelena said...

she's adorable! it's great that she does have some ability to see light/shadows, etc. she's just so cute...and feisty!! she does look a little skinny...sounds like she's a picky eater, huh? =) I hope all continues to go well for her, she's a doll.

Anonymous said...

We finally ran out of mooncakes. LOL! But finally, we discovered that she likes to eat wholemeal bread and rice. I add some pumpkin to cook with the rice, and she seems to like it pretty much.


Crinnyann said...

glad to see coco is doing well. i hope the operation is a success!

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