Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's A Baby Girl 16 Weeks 5 Days

A short video to share. Finally we decided to know whether its a baby boy or baby girl. It's a girl and she will be named Alera :)

Speacial thanks to Dr.KT Ng for allowing us film the scanning process.


cazzycazz a.k.a Nisha said...

Congrats congrats!

Then you will be having 2 Aleras at home!!! That's sweet!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Thomas and Bee Bee! It's a girl....are you really going to name her Alera? Cool...Alera will be happy to know that :-)
Do Bee Bee agree? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Aww, that's great news. Congrats, i know you wanted a little girl :) Alera is a great name! :)

Yen ^_^

carieelena said...

congrats! thanx for sharing the video. That was really great!

Angela said...

Oh Thomas!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!! Alera is a beautiful name!!!!!!!!

Angela said...

What a great name Thomas!!! I am very happy for you!!!!

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