Saturday, November 22, 2008

Coco Constant Vomitting 21Nov08

A quick update on coco, video below was taken yesterday (Saturday) at the vet clinic. coco has been very sick last few days, constant vomitting and jessie has to bring her to the vet immediately on Friday. This is what vet said when coco was brought in : 'The kitten was in critical condition due to exhaustion from frequent vomitting. The kitten was more active and alert when I left the clinic but with poor prognosis cause the condition still unstable. We should know by tomorrow, it's fate'
We went very early the next day and the video below shows that the critical condition is over. Goodness!


Anonymous said...

Thomas, Coco looks so skinny! Is she getting enough food? Is she getting the right food? Maybe she has a digestion or food absorption problem. She doesn't seem to have gotten much bigger since the first video in September. I am worried about her. :(

carieelena said...

that's good news! i know you mentioned before that she is a picky eater...seems like maybe she's not getting enough nutrients. she looks terribly skinny! I hope they can get that figured out!

Also, any updates on the others? the dog that had surgery and the one that went missing?

take care!! :-)

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